What Did Alexa Chung Wear Today? Thursday, July 23

No sooner had I THOUGHT the exact same thing than a fashion friend emailed me and said "today was my favorite Alexa Chung outfit yet." More on that best-ever Alexa outfit, and then I go on a SEQUIN SKIRT AND BOYFRIEND BLAZER BENDER!

Thursday, July 23

+ Blazer: Aryn K.

+ Blouse: Isabel Marant

+ Skirt: Wren

+ Shoes: Chanel

Alexa's sequin skirt is from Wren's Fall 2009 collection. That's Alexa's friend Tennessee Thomas -- and Alexa herself -- in Wren's holiday lookbook. Wren's sequin skirt is $348, and you can pick it up at Shopbird.com.

Go real-deal-Holyfield style on a sequin skirt. Seriously, it's not a piece to skimp on, otherwise shiz'll look cheeeeep and tacky. However, a sale's a sale, and this Aqua sequin skirt's on sale. It's $44 at Bloomingdale's.

Love this Re Collection sequin skirt too. It's $118 at RevolveClothing.com.

Listen, you NEED a boyfriend blazer in your wardrobe. At times it can be more reliable than an actual boyfriend. And I KNOW you probably think "Mom Jeans" when you hear Ann Taylor, but the times, they're a-changin', and I ASSURE you that Ann Taylor Loft has some ACTUAL FACTUAL cute stuff these days. Behold, their boyfriend blazer. It's $89.50 at Anntaylorloft.com.

If you refuse to believe me, then suit yourself... in this cropped boyfriend blazer from Urban Outfitters.