New Video: Friendly Fires, 'Kiss Of Life'

If Friendly Fires' "Kiss Of Life" reminds you of the Peter Gabriel song of the same name, it's because they're practically the same song. Though listening to Friendly Fries probably makes you feel less like you're listening to your dad's car trip music. However, I'm confident there's a subset of you that finds listening to Peter Gabriel cool, for ironic Dad-Music purposes, because you're a die-hard Say Anything fan (the move in this case), or because Peter Gabriel pretty much rules. (Which he does.)

Anyway, Friendly Fires -- you've heard them in that Wii Fit commercial -- are very much a British it-band -- so much so that they were just nominated for a 2009 Mercury Prize. Also, lead singer Ed Macfarlane totally sounds like Chris Martin and while both bands shot beach videos (remember Coldplay's "Yellow" video? Chris martin was so SAAAAAAD and COOLLLLLD and DREADFULLY DREARY on the beach! In a hoodie!), Friendly Fires' new "Kiss of Life" video is 1000 times less boo-hoo-I'm-on-the-beach-y. Also, "Kiss of Life" is one of those uplifting, life-affirming anthems like in a "Fields of Gold" way, but also, it lacks that same brand of "Fields of Gold" cheesiness that makes me want to jam one of those extra-long Bic grill lighters into each ear. (Ed Macfarlane also reminds me Richard Ashcroft if Richard Ashcroft hadn't gotten hit by the Unfortunate Bus and survived.)

Also, no matter WHAT you do or where you live, if you find yourself at a pool party this summer, drop the name Friendly Fires. You'll earn cool points IMMEDIATELY, and members of whichever sex you're attracted to will instantly find you 30 percent more attractive. You will be GOING places. Like directly into someone's pants.