The Chris Brown 'Forever' Wedding Dance Is The Most Redeeming Thing Chris Brown Has Done In Months, Albeit Indirectly

First of all, let me say that not for ONE second was I buying Chris Brown's apology. It was about as heartfelt as that TelePrompter he was struggling to read. Also, why the hell was he dressed a cross between a sassy chef and the fifth member of Coldplay? But, what I AM buying is that the video I'm about to show you is one of the BEST viral videos I've seen since "Kittens (Inspired By Kittens)," and if you know me personally and you know how I feel about kittens and cat videos, then you know I'm not saying that lightly. It's also way better than the Filipino prisoners dancing to "Thriller" because I assume no one was forced to dance until their feet bled.

Anyway, Chris Brown certainly does not need any more publicity, but seriously, this video redeems him, at least indirectly, which is basically the only bad thing about it. (And it's hard not to admit that "Forever" is a great song. Sigh.)

So, well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but basically, the video you're about to see is pretty much the greatest wedding entrance of all time. And I'd embed it here for your browsing convenience, but NOOOOOOOOOOO! SOMEBODY had to get in a legal battle, and I don't wanna fan those flames.

+ Watch the Chris Brown "Forever" wedding dance (before Jive pulls it down), and see why you're about to have this plastered all over your Facebook.