Live Performance: The All-American Rejects -- Tyson Ritter Continues Reign Of Cruel Teasing

You poor girl -- you poor, poooor girl, so close to Tyson Ritter in the It's On With Alexa Chung audience. If that were me, oh, the outrage: A prop? A prop, Tyson? Is that all we mean to each other? You reach out to me, press my hand on your skinny, sweaty torso, but only because "it fits with the lyrics"? No, no. Stop playing with people's hearts, Tyson Ritter. I have FEELINGS. A REAL HEART beats within this chest.

But, you know, make your own call on The All-American Rejects' live performance from It's On With Alexa Chung, which features the lyrics to which I referred, from the band's When The World Comes Down single, "I Wanna."

And OK, maybe I overreacted. The girl in Alexa Chung's audience could have had it much worse -- she could have been that guitar. Seriously, Tyson gets up in that guitar, then he shimmies his, he-chest and (I swear) licks it...

Apologies if you were here for the music. Of course, after you watch the Rejects, you can check out videos of Alexa Chung's assorted musical guests, including Kid Cudi, Phoenix, Metric, Sean Kingston and more.