Nick And Jessica: The Way They Were. Now Can They Get Back Together Already?

The subject of my girl Jessica Simpson is not the most cheery for me right now... That said, this vintage TRL video temporarily sent me to a happy place. First off, Jessica's outfit will put a smile on your face; I had to hit pause just to savor the image. I mean... just watch it. The glittery pink eye shadow, the crimped hair, the leather pants... what a difference nine years makes.

Yes, it was a simpler time, a happier time, when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were still together. While the duet of "Where You Are" from Jessica's 1999 debut, Sweet Kisses, showcases Jessica's fantastic voice (she also knows to turn her head before a belt, sparing Nick's eardrums), my happy moment was short-lived.

Why can't it just be like this again? Vanessa's gone; Tony's gone; John Mayer's gone (wait -- Mayer might not be gone; did you hear that rumor?), so couldn't Nick and Jessica offer each other the perfect comfort? So say her Tweets, Jessica's just sleeping with her mom and dogs and listening to Olivia Broadfield songs right now. Help her! Let the rumors of a reconciliation be true...

Watch the duet from the good ol' days below, intro-ed by a "lonely and untalented" Carson Daly.

Jessica Simpson |MTV Music