New Video: Beyonce, 'Sweet Dreams'

Beyonce's brand-new video, "Sweet Dreams," off of I Am... Sasha Fierce, is less video, more post-modern art -- are those costumes not a reimagining of Fritz Lang's Metropolis? And do I even hear a subtle homage to the King of Pop in that sexy synth strut? ("Beat It," anyone?)

In "Sweet Dreams," you get a double dose of both good-girl Beyonce AND naughty-girl Sasha Fierce, and together, along with back-up dancers Ebony Williams and Ashley Everett, the combination more than makes up for the lackluster "Ego" video.

And while there are brief shades of Rihanna's performance in Kanye's "Paranoid" video, Beyonce -- all woman, all the time, makes that look like child's play.

Watch the Queen of R&B's latest video, "Sweet Dreams," directed by Adria Petty.