The Jonas Brothers Land FOUR Different Covers Of 'Time Out New York'

Heidi Montag can have Playboy. If I'm gonna PUT DOWN my computer mouse and actually PICK UP a magazine (remember those?), it's gonna be this week's issue of Time Out New York. Why? Because the Jonas Brothers took over the weekly New York City magazine, which devoted not one but FOUR separate covers to Nick, Joe, and the newly engaged Kevin Jonas. If the lure of the Jonas Brothers weren't enough temptation for you, check out that crafty Time Out headline: "The Jonas Brothers Quit Music (For Just A Day)." VERY FUNNY, Time Out!

The Jonas Brothers guest-edited Time Out New York's music section, listing music picks from The Zutons (we told you so!) to Matisyahu to the Beastie Boys and Hannah Montana's latest release. (Ahem!) And they also picked their favorite New York restaurant (Quality Meats), and even have theater suggestions for you.

Now the Jonas Brothers might seem like an odd pick for a magazine known for highlighting indie rockers and art-house films (not to mention, often-graphic sexploits, thanks to the brutally, yet completely hysterical no-holds-barred writer Jamie Bufalino). But Michael Freidson, Time Out New York's editor-in-chief had this to say about the magazine's decision to cover the Jonas Brothers on four different covers: "We normally cover 'cool' music and we'll get some reader-flack for including a 'boy band.' But the Brothers say they want to be taken seriously by (and as) adults, and they convinced us. Despite their entourage, they were unguarded, sincere and picked music that Time Out readers will love. If they want to come back to edit another section, they're always welcome. Sex & Dating, maybe?"

Steve Smith, the magazine's music editor, didn't need much convincing. "Whether you love or reject the music, you can't help but see that these guys have serious skills and a real passion for what they do. But what surprised me most was just how deep their enthusiasm runs, how broad their musical tastes actually are — and how remarkably poised and grounded these guys are, given that they're accustomed to a life of being pursued by a throng capable of raising a howl greater than that of the space shuttle lifting off. It was especially satisfying to watch the skeptics among our staff being quietly seduced by the Jonas Brothers' complete candor and charm. And I defy anyone to claim that "Paranoid" is anything less than a classic single, by the way."

And it sounds like Sophie Harris, Time Out New York's music writer, had just about the same reaction to the Jonas Brothers as everyone who meets them: "They're the politest pop stars I've ever met."

Not in New York? See how and where you can buy all four Jonas-fied copies of Time Out New York.

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