Tokio Hotel Tattoo? Check. Scrunchie? Check.

This is faithful Buzzworthy Blog reader tokio_charlotte, who was one of Buzzworthy's VERY first commenters back when, like, I practically had to beg even my Mom to comment. Anyway, tokio_charlotte is AWESOME and hilarious, and she's made an appearance on Buzzworthy before, and she's kind of like Buzzworthy's unofficial mascot, since she's funny, cool, completely consumed by pop culture, and she listens to everything from Fall Out Boy to Miley Cyrus to the Jonas Brothers to NPR. Um, and Tokio Hotel. But more on that in a second...

From what by following her Twitter, tokio_charlotte watches more movies in like a week than most people see in two lifetimes, and she changes her hair color more than most people change their undies in a week. Anyway, in response to the piece I wrote on the dreaded, feared return of scrunchies (booo -- Scrunchies are to me and Buzzworthy what Mom Butts are to Alexa Chung), tokio_charlotte Tweeted me this photo of herself wearing a Scrunchie, not realizing that I didn't realize SHE HAS A TOKIO HOTEL TATTOO. ON THE BACK OF HER NECK!

tokio_charlotte got her Tokio Hotel tattoo on february 19, 2008, a few months after she turned 18. Incredulously, she also got the tattoo BEFORE she saw Tokio Hotel live in concert for the FIRST TIME on August 19 of 2008. Gotta respect cojones like that.

Anyway, I've been missing our Buzzworthy Tokio Hotel mutual admiration society, and I thought I'd share the love via tokio_charlotte's INSANELY hardcore Tokio neck tat (which is the second Tokio Hotel tattoo I've seen up close and personal!) Proceed to adore tokio_charlotte and her amazing musical tastes and tat...

Do you have any band tats? Also, Tokio Hotel fans -- HI! I've missed you guys! :< And, because it's pretty much monsooning outside here in Times Square, let's watch the "Monsoon" video after the jump, shall we? Take your pick. Regular or live!

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