Remembering Michael Jackson: Memories On Twitter And Facebook

Last night, following the shocking news of Michael Jackson's death, as MTV aired a live Michael Jackson news special and played the Michael Jackson videos that helped define MTV, we asked you to share your thoughts and reactions on MTV's Facebook page and on Twitter at @MTV and @MTVBuzzworthy. Your shared your memories of Michael Jackson as a singer, dancer, airwave God, international pop superstar, pop culture icon, MTV mainstay, bedroom wall hero, fashion icon, humanitarian, and more. Here are just a few of your memories of and tributes to Michael Jackson.

@HeyCupcakexx3 I'll never forget michael. He was like, God in my eyes. Its so sad to see him leave us. But he is in a better place now:/

@crossstitcher And who can forget the first time they saw Thriller - We didn't have MTV in my county - our English teacher showed the video!

julesaz 1st time I heard Jackson 5 was when I was riding my bike w/ a transistor radio hanging from the handlebars. ABC easy as 123

@desprthouswfe72 I remember the beautiful sunny day that MJ held his new baby over the balcony. Sigh. Memories. RIP King of Pop & news!

@notdianakay As a little girl my favorite MJ song was You Are Not Alone. He was a great talent and he shall be very missed.

Christopher Aaron Spurgeon MJ made the sikkest tunes. started a generation of pop culture, he will be sincerely missed.. :[D RIP Michael Jackson, King of Pop.

@EccentricDib I still remember when I was 4, my mother playing MJ's records all the time... he's definately going to be missed.. <:(

@LockeEnder MJ will always be one of my all time favorites. The song "Bad" is the first song I truly loved. RIP King of Pop

@freothuwebbe Thriller will always be the best. And I always moonwalk down the frozen aisle in the grocery store ;___;

@ILuvNerds1026 MJ memory-Going to my older sis' house and making her play the OFF THE WALL album over and over! Still one of my favorites!!!

RaeAnne Perri My memory is when I begged my uncle to buy me the "Bad" album. The next morning, I woke up and there was the tape, sitting on my dresser! I never stopped listening to it. Thanks to my uncle for understanding my need to own this album and to Michael Jackson for creating great music, illusive dance moves, and a legacy that will never be forgotten. You will be forever missed. ?

@Reducer I have long admired Michael...I never once had a negative thought about him...I'm feeling a bit too shocked today...

@shirkish i remember seeing a home video of him in the 80's talking to his driver about how much he loved shopping at salvation army.

@notdianakay As a little girl my favorite MJ song was You Are Not Alone. He was a great talent and he shall be very missed.

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@Boho_rose Thriller was the first song a performed a dance too. I really cant believe hes gone!

@joannaseetoo I remembr whn Billy Jean hit MTV like a bomb! Every1 wantd 2 move like MJ. We danced arnd 2 Off the Wall & Thriller :-)

@ChandlerAdaway Playing and dancing to his songs in marching band. Always feeling immediately happy when "I want you back" came on. :(

@dirtybirdyperez 1984? watching Michael Jackson on an award show singing "Billiejean". It was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen!

@Boop2366 i remember seeing the Thriller video the first time and just thinking that the man was amazing.

@Dennisplus Never thought this would happen. I really thought he was INVINCIBLE. This is truly a sad sad time. :-(

@atxsouthside My fav memory is being little and singing "bad" over and over again. I love MJ and I will miss him.

@xbuttercup my most memorable moment of MJ is the 1st time I ever saw the Thriller vid. I was 6 nd loved the song! I'm still in shock no one realizes what a great impact michael had on the world. w/o him, music wudnt have been what it is today.

@red_ambert At the risk of sounding insensitive I hope MTV does a kickass tribute to MJ at the VMAS re-make we are the world.

@kerriskaggs TY for showing the Ryan White Video. I grew up with him until his death at age 18. THANX MJ for Being KING!

@karamel2310 Michael Jackson invented what we know as true musical entertainment.

Jasmine Allen Jolie-Pitt man im still in shock..i freakin love michael jackson every top songs every playlist i have he is on there ...what a loss to music and the world...i remember back in the day me and my lil cousins would get on a wooden floor in our socks and moon walk to billie jean !!!

@mollymoosesays It has been incredibly comforting to be able to turn on MTV and see MJ videos. It's like we're all mourning together. Thanks.

@nikitabee the day is still dark but slowly sunshine is coming in remember such an amazing person

agirlsgottaspa That video changed the art of music videos forever. I remember watching it the day it debuted.

@lovebabz I once wrote an essay about throwing MJ and Richard Nixon a tea party. I won and met J5 in the mid 70s LOL!

Nicole Garofalo i'm still in complete shock that the king of pop Michael Jackson has passed away so suddenely. He was my childhood, and as someone put it befoe...a piece of my childhood has died as well. I just can't believe the day has come so soon. At least we all have something to remember him by, his amazing music. That will follow us forever...

@blusugie one of my first loves dedicated "the way you make me feel" by mj and we waited until 2am talking on the phone to hear it.

@Avalanche06 regardless of what people say, Michael was the Elvis of my generation. A true ICON. R.I.P.

@arjanwrites He was my hero. He started my love for music. He started my infatuation with America. He touched my life.