Michael Jackson Dies At Age 50

Michael Jackson was called many things throughout his 50-year life -- a freak, a criminal, a savior, and a saint -- some of them true, some of them hearsay. But regardless of his scandal-plagued past, there are two things Michael Jackson has been called that cannot be denied or refuted: A superhuman talent, and an international pop icon whose talent was immeasurable. I'm confident that no one reading this will witness another star or celebrity as important -- or as gifted -- as him in our lifetime.

What you remember Michael Jackson is will be up to you, but the awe inspired by watching him glide across the stage, Moonwalking --  in those black patent loafers and white socks -- as if by magic; the simultaneous fear and captivating thrill of watching him lead a pack of twitching zombies into the "Thriller" dance; the spine-tingling adrenaline rush that kicks in every time I hear the first few notes of "Billie Jean"; the pure innocence of his voice in "I'll Be There"; the sheer orgiastic dance blitz that is "Wanna Be Startin' Something"; or the earnestness of "Man In The Mirror" are the ways I will always remember -- and never forget -- Michael Jackson.

How will you remember the King of Pop?

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