Get A 30-Second Sneak Peek Of Cobra Starship's 'Good Girls Go Bad' Video

From watching this exclusive 30-second clip of Cobra Starship's new "Good Girls Go Bad" video, featuring Leighton Meester, it's pretty clear that if the whole band thing doesn't pan out, Cobra has a bright future in deli work and/or sandwich artistry. Leighton obviously has a future in being ridiculously hot.

Watch this 30-second clip of Cobra's "Good Girls Go Bad" speakeasy-and-sammiches video, directed by Kai Regan. And stay tuned for the full-length video coming to MTV this Monday.

+ Plus: Watch behind-the-scenes footage of the "Good Girls Go Bad" video, get a sneak peek of Buzzworthy's Cobra Starship fan Q&A interview, and check out the Hot Mess album, featuring my SICK lip tat.