Buzzworthy Obsession: Fallbrooke's 'Losin' It' Video, Feauting Mandy 'Schmanders' Jiroux!

I have a special place in my heart devoted to high-energy, melody-driven rock songs -- and for mustachioed hipsters in cut-off jeans -- and Florida export Fallbrooke set up shop in my happy little heart the minute I watched their "Losin' It" video.

There are many reasons I'm obsessed with "Losin' It," and some of those reasons don't even involve chest hair, though it's certainly a plus. Top of the list -- an appearance by the sexy (though chaperoned), Mandy Jiroux -- as in, "Manders," Miley Cyrus' bestie and partner in vlogging and going to Starbucks.

"Losin' It" is based on a real-life online omance/frustration, so it was totally apropos to recruit Manders, who gives great video, for the Web-themed video. I'd even tell Schmanders to stick with her Web-cam niche had she not already branched out into girl group territory. P.S. Mandy's group, The Beach Girl5, shared recording space with Fallbrooke (signed to RMR Music Group), a proximity that led to an encounter and subsequent gig.

Overall I heart Fallbrooke for its good-boy rocker vibe, as well as for Eric's strong vocals, showcased in my favorite Fallbroke song, "Can't Have You". Seriously, if the "Losin' It" video doesn't charm you, check out Fallbrooke's MySpace for "Can't Have You" and the boys' (pretty adorable, though not completely current) vlogs.

+ Watch Fallbrooke's "Losin' It" video!