Cobra Starship Reveal More About Their 'Good Girls Go Bad' Video

When they were just here the other day answering your Buzzworthy Blog fan questions, Gabe, Alex, and Ryland revealed a little bit more about more about Cobra Starship's almost-here, almost-ready "Good Girls Go Bad" video, starring Leighton Meester, off their also almost-here, almost-ready album, Hot Mess. (Did you see my sweet inner lip tat on the album cover? Hurt like a B+TCH, but it was worth the glory!)

Anyway, find out more about the impact of the Prohibition Era on Cobra Starship's new video, gambling, carousing, and lots and lots of "cahoots." What does "cahoots" even mean? I don't know, but Gabe says it a LOT in this exclusive Buzzworthy video. Use your context clues. Watch it now, and drink (milk) every time Gabe says it. And stay tuned for the official "Good Girls Go Bad" video and Cobra Starship Buzzworthy fan Q&A videos coming soon too!)

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