Demi Lovato Buzzworthy Sneak Peek!

UPDATE: Watch Demi Lovato's Buzzworthy Blog fan Q&A interview!

First of all, can you even COMPREHEND how gorgeous Demi Lovato looks? I mean, she looks gorgeous on the daily, but when she came by for her MTV Buzzworthy Blog fan Q&A interview just now, I mean... this is pretty much the most absurdly beautiful I've ever seen the girl. Beauty, brains, and a mean belt. And she's friends with the Jonas Brothers. Wait... I'm talking about DEMI, YOU GUYS! NOT ME! JK.

Anyway, Demi Lovato answered lots and lots of your fan questions, and the video interview is coming soon, so sit tight! Until then, here's a little Demi spoiler -- Demi's hidden talent: She can touch her tongue to her nose! Eee!

Watch her NOW on It's On With Alexa Chung!

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