Video Interview: Meet Meese

Denver's Meese take their name from founding brothers Patrick and Nathan Meese, not from multiple mooses (although I believe technically those are called "moose"). Along with Mike Ayars (guitar) and Ben Halay (drums) -- formerly of rival band For The Holiday -- the brothers have become some of the Mile-High City's favorite local rock stalwarts.

After years of paying their dues as frequent openers for fellow Coloradans The Fray, Meese are on the verge of busting out of their cozy Denver scene and into the big, bad mainstream. Their first major label release, Broadcast, is due out at the end of this month. Armed with a rising tide of irresistible pop gems, like "Tell Me It's Over" and "Next In Line," Broadcast looks like Meese's ticket to the big time. Get to know the band on "The 5," sit back, and watch them rise.