New Video: New Boyz, 'You're A Jerk'

L.A. underage duo Ben J and Dominic Thomas (AKA Legacy) go by New Boyz, and they don't even have an LP out yet, but they've already caught the ear of the LA Times, the New York Times, and the outlet that really matters most out of the three, at least musically -- YouTube, where their single, "You're A Jerk" has already been viewed over 1 million times. "You're A Jerk," LA Boyz's satisfyingly simplistic insta-hit may not be Shakespeare, but then again, Marcel Duchamp signed a freaking toilet in 1917, and people still pay money to see that sh+t.

"You're A Jerk," the next single off the New Boyz's Skinny Jeans and a Mic EP, is a sure-fire summer hit, and while it lacks the in-your-pants promise of "Birthday Sex," it's got more staying power thanks to old-school Neptunes-esque stripped-back/ drip-drop production, smooth vocals, and the L.A. unit's signature second-wave post-modern B-Boy flavor. (Again -- Skinny jeans.)

Watch New Boyz' pay tribute to the Jerk in their "Jerk It Out" video, and don't even try to resist the urge to jerk. Unless you're strictly on that BBU juke tip.

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