New Videos: Incubus, 'Monuments & Melodies,' Live!

The members of Incubus have no interest in scamming their fans. They love you! They're not the kind of band that re-packages the same old jams and rakes it in with nothing but new cover art. So, when the time came to put together a greatest hits retrospective, they had no interest in going the traditional route.

Instead they "took the opportunity to make it as creative as possible," says Brandon Boyd, in the video below. Incubus' upcoming Monuments & Melodies does come with a standard greatest hits collection. But it also includes a second disc of their favorite rarities, and has an exhaustive online component, which offers access to a monstrous archive of live MP3s.

To make an even bigger deal of this upcoming Incubus inundation, the band hooked up with MTV2 to distribute a series of unseen live performances of some of their biggest hits. Watch "Pardon Me," "Megalomaniac," "Love Hurts" and "Drive," all live, all right here.