+ In case you missed it, there was TOTAL DRAMS at last night's Much Music Video Awards in Canada. It was QUITE the spectacle: Lady Gaga had her poker face on, and she had a couple of flamethrowers for boobies.  You won't believe it. (Much Music)

+ Later on in the night, after doing an onstage bit with the Jonas Brothers and then being badgered throughout the night relentlessly by Fergie and of the Black Eyed Peas about saying mean things on his blog, Perez Hilton allegedly got attacked by the Peas' manager (though we're not really sure why beating up Perez Hilton would make anyone feel better). (Associated Press)

+ Meanwhile, back in the States, Beyonce/Sasha Fierce was kicking off the North American leg of her tour to a packed house at NYC's Madison Square Garden. (Socialite Life)

+ Oh. And just one day after Father's Day, Chris Brown struck a plea deal by pleading guilty to beating the crap out Rihanna back in February. A little probation and some community service? Sure. Why not? (MTV News)

+ This mom hates her life right now: (as if the Universal Music Group needs any more money), a Minnesota mother of two was just ordered by a federal jury to pay $1.92 million to several record labels for illegally sharing 24 songs online. It's like it's 2001 ALL. OVER. AGAIN. (NY Times)

+ Madonna recently doled out some unsolicited career advice to Adam Lambert: "Keep your eyes on the prize." In Madonna's case, prizes are small children in Africa. (E! Online)

+ And as we all pretty much assumed, Amy Winehouse filed papers to permanently park her bony ass in St. Lucia. Do we care?? (NME)