New Video: Jason Mraz, 'Lucky,' Featuring Ximena Sarinana

You already know Jason Mraz's new single, "Lucky," by heart. The Colbie Caillat duet has been a hit since it got its first taste of the airwaves in January. The pair celebrated its success with a Saturday Night Live performance, and watched it climb the charts.

But Jason Mraz's "Lucky" story doesn't end there. In anticipation of the release of his Latin American version of We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., Mraz has re-recorded "Lucky" as "La Suerte," a duet with Spanish lyrics, featuring Mexican singer/actress Ximena Sariñana.

Her name may be new to you, but Sariñana is a Grammy nominee and a telenovela veteran who got her start acting at age 11. Now, Jason Mraz is bringing her beautiful face and voice into the US spotlight. Get your first look at the seductive new video for "Lucky," aka, "La Suerte," premiering today on MTV Tr3s!

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