New Video: Care Bears On Fire, 'Everybody Else'

(Credit: Phil Knott)

Care Bears On Fire's brand-new "Everybody Else" video is a scrolling vintage collage that looks kinda like a lost level of Contra. You remember Contra, don't you? More importantly, "Everybody Else" is the quintessential snot-nosed girl-punk anthem, from its snarling "1,2,3,4" count-off to its tattle-tale chorus.

Sophie (vox, guitar), Izzy (drums) and Jena (bass) started Care Bears On Fire four years ago. When they were in 5th grade. Are you doing the math? Now, on the brink of high school, they've become some of the most prominent players in what Spin Magazine calls the "New York kid-core scene."

The thing is -- and this is true of any uncommonly young band worth listening to -- they don't sound like kids. They sound like seasoned bad-asses putting new spit on old Joan Jett. Lighting off The Runaways' "Cherry Bomb" for a new generation. Check out the sweet-looking video for "Everybody Else," right here.