New Video: Street Sweeper Social Club, '100 Little Curses'

Street Sweeper Social Club hardly even gave you a minute to get anxious about waiting for their "100 Little Curses" video, now did they??? As you'll recall, we first got wind of the new clip yesterday when Tom Morello and Boots Riley did "The 5." And now, less than 24 hours later, the video is upon us!

As Tom and Boots mentioned in their interview, the "100 Little Curses" clip features performances by Sopranos-star Drea DiMateo and Clueless / Road Trip star Breckin Meyer. But the real stand-out in this video isn't a celebrity cameo. And it's not the revamped rap-rock sound, either (although that is a major highlight).

The star of this video, hands down, is the living, breathing backdrop. Writhing graffiti-esque text scrolls across a stark white wall, dripping ink blots in time with the music. The result is a clean, super-stylized launchpad for a super-duo with an aesthetic that comes across as boldly as their sound.

Watch as The Coup, Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave morph into new rock force, Street Sweeper Social Club, in the radical new Matthew Stawski (Deicide, Secret Machines)-directed video for "100 Little Curses."