Cobra Starship Interview Sneaky Peek!

Gabe, Ryland, and Alex occupied the Buzzworthy couch today (no, that's not Nate running away in the background -- he and Victoria couldn't make it) to answer your Cobra Starship fan questions. Video of the whole surreal experience will be coming soon, but here's a little teaser to get you in the appropriate mental zone.

+ First, Thai food was ordered.

+ Then, it was noted that several people in the room were wearing boat shoes, so we had to talk about that as well as the deleterious effects of the rain on Jewfros (myself and Gabe + NYC monsoon = unhappy Jews.)

+ Next, Ashley Tisdale was... "discussed."

+ Guy Ripley mentions were made.

+ Gabe Saporta personally applauded Joe Jonas' "Single Ladies" dance.

+ The color purple (the actual color, not the 1982 book by Alice Walker or the 1985 movie starring Whoopie Goldberg) and the term "epic fail" were both deemed DONE. (Sorry, everyone who still uses it. And I probably still will because I'm lazy.)

+ Also discussed: camping, underwear, going peepee in your pants.

Okay. Stay tuned for the video! It's currently in "post." Until then, watch the sneak peek of the "Good Girls Go Bad" video, featuring Leighton Meester. Again.