Got A Question For Sean Kingston?

Screw on your interviewer caps nice and tight, because I have an assignment for you. Obviously by now you're well acquainted with Sean Kingston's sound. His last name tells you all you need to know about his reggae-licious club bumpers. But everybody's been so busy calling 911, throwing hands in the air, and generally grinding to his breakout hit, "Fire Burning," that they've forgotten to get to know the man behind the music.

For instance, did you know homeboy's only 19 years old?? NINETEEN! When did you find the time to get so talented, baby boy?! Don't you have homework??

That's the last question I'm gonna ask, because everybody knows that all the best questions come from you. We got Sean Kingston dropping by the office on Wednesday, June 24. You know the drill -- Submit your questions in the comments of this post for Sean Kingston, who will read and answer them in an exclusive Buzzworthy video!

So think up something good. Something off-beat. A whole world of fans is counting on you.