New Video: Ashley Tisdale Talks Kissing Zac Efron On 'Alexa Chung'

By watching this video from Tuesday's episode of It's On With Alexa Chung, you hereby consent to being ONE degree closer to MAKING OUT WITH ZAC EFRON. Okay? 'Kay.

Now watch Ashley Tisdale, who MAYBE NEEDS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND GET HER PULSE CHICCKITY CHECKED because when Alexa asked her if she ever tried to move in on Zac, Ashley ACTUALLY SAID SHE "just never looked at him like that"... So, take a minute and let that sink in. I mean I LOVE The Tiz, but is she cray? She's not cray is she?

Watch Ashley Tisdale talk about making OUT with Zac Efron IN FRONT of her real-life best friend, Vanessa Hudgens. If that doesn't put the AWK in AWKWARD, then I just don't know. Anyway, enjoy being even closer to whatever sort of fantasies may arise from envisioning Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron kissing while Vanessa Hudgens watches. (Ew. Sicko!)