New Video: Birdman, Featuring Lil Wayne, 'Always Strapped'

Birdman's new video, "Always Strapped," features absolutely EVERYTHING I look for in a solid, honest-to-GAWD hip-hop video: fishnets and fire, jacked-up/ tricked-out whips, references to both Bugattis and b+tches, and bounce -- diggity -- bounce.

Lil Wayne's right up on the Cash Money joint and in the video too, and while it's no "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" (but really, what is?), trying to figure out what the hull Weezy's saying is almost as a fun as sizzurp-soaked game of Scrabble Slam. (Not that I'd know.)

It's part video, part condom ad. Oh, and watch for Mack Maine too. And Yo, Gotti, nice chain!

+ Watch "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" after the jump.