Five Reasons You NEED To Know TV/TV

What is a "TV/TV," and why MUST you have one?

1. TV/TV recently recorded with Bleu. Who is Bleu? Bleu is the producer responsible for Jonas Brothers, Boys Like Girls and Hanson. Boom -- there goes the dynamite.

2. TV/TV have already sold out shows at New York City's most exclusive venues --> The Knitting Factory, Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom. ShamWOW.

3. TV/TV have cut their teeth touring with rock role models like The Bravery, Artist Vs. Poet and Anarbor.

4. You're actually already a fan. Not only did lead singer Josh Ocean appear in an episode of MTV's Made, but TV/TV tunes have popped up in the soundtracks of The Hills, The Real World, Living Lohan (SCORE!) and many more!

5. Dude. Look at them.

The studly foursome, who share a tiny apartment in NYC's East Village, have been turning out jam after electro-sleaze jam since 2006, giving you way more than five reasons to be obsessed with them. Listen to their glammed-out, big-city-Kings-Of-Leon-jamming-on-AC/DC sound, and add your name to the list of TV/TV converted!