Video Interview: Tom Morello And Boots Riley Are Street Sweeper Social Club

Is it just me or does Tom Morello have the same voice as Barack Obama? I had to watch Street Sweeper Social Club's interview twice because the first time I was so distracted by his presidential tone that I pretty much couldn't concentrate on anything he said.

The Rage Against The Machine / Audioslave alumnus is half of Street Sweeper Social Club. His accomplice is Boots Riley of Oakland rap group The Coup. Together they just released their self-titled debut, along with a star-studded video for first single, "100 Little Curses."

Meet Street Sweeper Social Club in this exclusive MTV interview, keep an eye out for "100 Little Curses" (featuring Sopranos star Drea DiMateo and Road Trip star Breckin Meyer), and look for Street Sweeper Social Club on tour this summer with Jane's Addiction and supposed retirees Nine Inch Nails.

+ THIS JUST IN: Before leaving for Harvard, Tom Morello grew up in Chicago with his European mother and Kenyan father. WEIRD!

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