New Video: 3OH!3, 'Starstrukk'

The chorus of 3OH!3's manic, pulsating new single, "Starstrukk," goes "L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce." Sean and Nat set out to prove that sentiment in their overstimulating orgy of a new video.

The boys are visible only as faces in a pit of writhing bodies. And while there's ample evidence of the nice legs, daisy dukes, tight jeans and double-Ds referenced in the lyrics, there are also ravers, Halloween skeletons, b-boys, middle-aged men and punk chicks gnawing at each other's fishnets, giving new meaning to the phrase, "put your foot in your mouth."

The "Starstrukk" video, shot in reverse, eventually gets around to explaining how 3OH!3 got themselves into such a fleshy mess. But don't get too hung up on explanations. Enjoy the orgy while it lasts.

"Starstrukk" is the second single to be released form 3OH!3's Want album. Watch the video, a frenzied, foot-fetishist's dream, right here.

+ Dated reference point: U2's "Numb" meets the cast of Daria.