Buzz Bites — 6/16/09: KELIS IS PREGNANT (AND BROKE)!

+ Singer Kelis (who is seven months preggers) has filed papers in court to try and squeeze some more money out of her ex-husband Nas. Never mind that she has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry she could sell. eBay it, gurl! For the children! (Bossip)

+ Brooke Hogan has been talking about her mom a lot lately -- and not in a good way! (E! Online)

+ Debunking all those rumors that she is pregnant, Fergie revealed that she put on 17 pounds for a film role with actress Penelope Cruz. (US Magazine)

+ In what seems like a rude-dude move, Katy Perry (real name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) has sued an Australian designer by the name of Katie Jane Perry. Who do you think has more of a case? (Agent Bedhead)

+ Oh look! There's media darling Lindsay Lohan Tweeting topless pictures of herself. Thanks, Linz! Seeing that just made gayer than I already am, if that were somehow even possible. (Bitten & Bound)

+ Don't go getting your hopes up, Perez Hilton. Adam Lambert is NOT into you! What's that sound? Oh! It's just Perez getting out his claws. (Parade)