New Video: Weird Al Yankovic, 'Craigslist'

On his new single "Craigslist," Weird Al Yankovic takes a break from the Top 40 parodies that have made him famous (and "Weird") to pay tribute to rock legends The Doors.

While the music is familiar, and the lyrics are in keeping with Yankovic's usual sarcasm -- this time, he parodies people who sell their junk online -- the song is actually an original.

Yankovic enlisted original Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek for the project and did an incredibly good job of replicating the band's vintage sound. If Weird Al ever gets tired of clowning around, he could definitely have a steady gig as a wedding singer.

"Craigslist" is the first single from Weird Al's Internet Leaks EP, a preview of a new album due out sometime next year. Watch the Liam Lynch (Tenacious D, Foo Fighters) -directed video below.