Video Interview: GS Boyz = Ginger Snap Boyz?

I was right there in the MTV studio with Dallas rappers them GS Boyz when they recorded their installment of "The 5," so let me tell you what you missed. These dudes know how to TALK. It's like they got a choreographer in to teach them how to have a conversation! They finish each other's sentences, all coming in loud on the key words. It's like a spoken three-man-weave.

What they have to say in their new MTV interview is just as dazzling. The main revelation here is that the dudes who cooked up the "Stanky Legg" cook up plenty of non-stanky things, too. "We some chefs behind the kitchen," Yung Slizz says, "We like to bake."

What else do you need to know? Plenty. Find out how the group came to be, and learn all about the evils of swagga jackin' and the virtues of slab ridin', in this exclusive chat with GS Boyz. Plus, keep an eye out for more GS Boyz exclusives, including "Stanky Legg" and "Booty Dew" dance lessons!