S+++ You So Need To Get: Hayley Williams' L.A. Girl Fluorescent Nail Polish

Because I have a secret girly-girl side and because I'm nosy by nature, I've asked Lily Allen and Keri Hilson to dump out the contents of their purses in my presence so I could investigate all the cool personal stuff they carry around. Seriously -- WHAT is more fun than rummaging through someone's purse -- in a non-theft-ish way -- and poring over all of their fun and stylish items?

And somehow, it's like Hayley Williams -- one of my favorite girly-but-not-gag-me-girly-but-still-super-cool girls -- KNEW I wanted to know what her makeup stash looked like because she uploaded a photo to Twitter and shared it with me! (Um, and the rest of Twitterverse.)

I spotted some MAC (loves!) and some Urban Decay in there, but I fangirled out when I saw some of my favorite cheap-n-chic nail polish in there -- that mint green nail polish definitely looks like it's LA Girl "Flare" nail polish -- my favorite opaque bright nail polish because it's LOUD and comes in neon and fluorescent shades the colors of Popsicles, which are parfaits for summer (both the colors AND the Popsicles). AND L.A. Girl doesn't test on animals, which means zero guilt when your widdle cute puppy wooks you at you wif his puppy doggie eyes as you paint your nails all Paramore-y.

Want Hayley-inspired nails? Get a three-pack for $9.99 at UrbanOutfitters.com, or pick up individual colors at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 -- or, as I like to refer to it, "El Siempre" -- or online at Cherryculture.com.

(P.S. -- It looks like the shade Hayley has is "Gleaming.")