What Do You Think Of 'Lines, Vines And Trying Times'? Post Your Review!

+ UPDATE: Read the winning review! +

HAPPY LINES, VINES AND TRYING TIMES DAY, Jonas Brothers fans! I hopped in a cab and plunked down 12 solid American dollars first thing this morning, and I'm listening to -- and loving -- "World War III" right this minute.

Anyway, what do YOU think of Lines, Vines And Trying Times?

Post your review in the comments section of this post by 11:59PM EST on Sunday, June 21, and I'll post my favorite one on Buzzworthy on Monday! (Also, to save you some heartache and e-frustration, I'd suggest typing it out elsewhere first.) Comments cannot exceed 5000 characters.

It's not an official contest or anything. No big rules. Just for funsies. You "win" the glory of being on Buzzworthy (which brings you one step closer to the Jonas Brothers! WIN!) Also, not to be judgemental, but um, can we do better than "Yay! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Kevin touched me!" reviews? You know! Put your back into it a little bit!