Weekend Buzz Bites -- Taylor Swift Thanks YOU For Letting Her Play The CMA Festival

+ De-gorgeous Taylor Swift performed at the 2009 CMA Music Festival yesterday and took to Twitter beforehand to thank her fans, saying "about to play in a stadium! CMA fest in Nashville.. Living out the daydreams I had when I was six. Thanks guys." No, seriously, Taylor, thank YOU. (Twitter)

+ Speaking of Twitter, David Archuleta vented his frustrations over those DAMNED CATS keeping him up. I mean REALLY. (Twitter)

+ Also, NICK JONAS JUST GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! Seriously, if he sat in front of me in school, I totes would've failed Englush. (Twitter)

+ Bonnaroo um... happened! Did you go? Phish fans, do you even remember going? (Spin)

+ Speaking of Bonnaroo, Lucky Magazine was all amazed that Erin McCarley wore a fanny pack to the festival. Hello! Fanny packs are so IN! Any good Jonas Brothers fan KNOWS THAT! (Buzzworthy)

+ Trent Reznor hung up his... bloody pig's heart?... at Bonnaroo, by the way (LA Times)

+ Weekend box office report: Rihanna saw The Hangover this weekend. GIRL, I haven't seen it yet, so do NOT go ruining all the jokes! (Rihanna is SOOOOOO famous for doing that!) (Just Jared)

+ Is Mary J. Blige FOR REAL working with CHRIS BROWN on a new song? Um, Mary, so, like, I don't know if you heard, but... (Ace Showbiz)

+ Aubrey O'Day is excited for Heidi Montag's Playboy "spread." That makes one of us! And I'm not talkin' Darlene, either. (MTV News)