Video Interview: Never Shout Never

The most interesting thing to be learned about Christofer Drew, aka Never Shout Never, is not one of the points he mentions in his interview on "The 5."

Sure, it's cool to know that he's a vegan who grew up in the Midwest. Definitely sweet to hear him tell the thrilling story of going very quickly from touring alone in a car packed with merch, to having his own sleeping compartment on an air-conditioned bus. And yes, it's fascinating to ponder the fact that Drew -- an animal lover -- has two cats and two dogs, but none of them live with him.

But the most interesting thing about each of Drew's five fun facts, is the humble way in which he describes them. This dude is 19, and he's a bona fide Internet sensation. Nobody who isn't taking off their clothes gets more attention on MySpace. He has every reason to be a raving egomaniac.

On the other hand, given the quirkiness of his music, he also has license to be a spaced-out weirdo. How many other bands on the Bamboozle Roadshow play the ukulele? Try zero. Is Christofer Drew just flying a freak flag to rake in as much attention as he can get?

Nope. Guess what? Christofer Drew is just a nice, normal dude who happens to be extraordinarily talented, and wants you to listen to his music. That's it. He's not trying to be a millionaire or a tabloid icon or a contestant on the next season of Knitting With The Stars or freaking out over dry shampoo. All he wants to do is spread a little happiness the best way he knows how. By writing a song every day.

Here he is, Christofer Drew.