MTV Featured Artist: All Time Low, Kidnapped!

In making their Featured Artist spots for MTV, the bad boys of All Time Low are up to some vintage pop-punk mischief. Sure, the melodic Maryland rockers play three songs from their brand-new album, Nothing Personal, too. But in the 7+ minute segment below, they go off the grid.

A newscaster reports from outside of a compound where five cute college co-eds are holding the boys hostage. Apparently the captors have gotten their hands on the master recordings of Nothing Personal and will destroy All Time Low's hard work if they try to escape.

For a look at what it's like to be imprisoned by a gang of cute superfans, hit play below. (Really, what would you do with All Time Low if you held them hostage???)

While you're at it, catch the band playing Nothing Personal (due July 7) stand-outs, "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)," "Weightless" and "Lost In Stereo," live! Instead of waiting around for a bunch of brilliant directors to translate their work into unforgettable music videos (which will no doubt happen in good time), All Time Low go down to the beach and play three of their favorite Nothing Personal tracks at sunset. Straightforward, no fooling around. Just the new jams at full energy. A perfect introduction to the new album that's about to take over our summer!

Watch All Time Low's "Kidnapped" skit below, with balls-out performances interspersed!