New Video: Cassie, 'Must Be Love,' Featuring Diddy

Diddy's a very, very busy guy, what with his Bad Boy empire and making all of those bands on MTV and such. But he's not all behind-the-scenes. And he's certainly not too busy to get right in on the action, as you'll see below, when he lends verses and his million-dollar face to Cassie's brand-new "Must Be Love" video. A minimal R&B slow-burner with a beat that sounds like rain, the track is the latest to surface from her upcoming album, Electro Love.

It was real nice of Diddy to help out on "Must Be Love." His rhymes definitely beef up the track and his million dollar face undoubtedly attracts attention. But, by now, you've probably seen a few photos of Cassie. She doesn't really need any help attracting attention, does she?

Aside from giving the beautiful Cassie plenty of air-time, the Bernard Gourley (50 Cent, Flo Rida, M.I.A.) -directed video also does plenty to fuel the frenzy over her effortless talent (not to mention the frenzy over her long-rumored romance with Diddy -- these two look pretty comfortable!). Get your first look at what everybody's gonna be slow-grinding to this summer, right here on Buzzworthy!