New Video: Jack's Mannequin, 'Swim'

"Swim" is Jack's Mannequin's most compelling song yet. Clearly there's no shortage of bands whose choruses scream their heads off about feelings right now. Believe me. I see all of their videos. But very few of their bleeding hearts come through the music as genuinely as Andrew McMahon's does.

Listening to "Swim," the frustration of the former Something Corporate frontman invades your guts, tingles in your intestines, snakes up your esophagus, pushes out from behind your solar plexus and bursts out of your mouth as something new. Something hopeful. It feels like McMahon himself is grabbing you by the back of the neck and dragging you forward, no matter what obstacles you've dreamed up to hold yourself back. "Swim" is downright inspiring.

"Swim" is the second single from Jack's Mannequin's The Glass Passenger. The brand-new video is just below. Let it roll.