Angry Kanye West Says: NOW You Can Watch My 'Paranoid' Video

Did you already watch the unfinished version of Kanye West's "Paranoid" video? The one that leaked the other week? YOU DID? SHAME ON YOU! YOU PISSED KANYE WEST OFF! (Again.) Next time you WAIT for the finished version of a Kanye video, or you hear that? THAT'S the sound of a MacBook Air sailing through the air (they called it "Air" for a reason) and juuuustmissing your lucky little head.

So, let's pretend you're unfamiliar with "Paranoid." Well, it's all black-and-white, stars a smooooookin' hot Rihanna, (who's not wearing a whole lot, Lord have mercy) some menacing wolf creatures, and overt pulp/ noir imagery.

Photographer/ director Nabil Elderkin, who directed "Paranoid," also directed Kanye's "Welcome to Heartbreak," Drake Bell's "I Know," and John Legend's "PDA" (to name a few).

NOW you can watch "Paranoid." Because it's ready. And because Kanye SAID so. And what happens if you piss Kanye off? He swears off MTV forever. Until he returns and plays the VMAs a year later. Way to stick to your guns! JKLOVEYOUYEEZYMEANIT!