Breaking News: Exactly WHO ARE Christina Aguilera Collaborators, Le Tigre?

Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman and JD Samson are Le Tigre, the art-school/dance-punk offspring of the Riot Grrrl movement. Though they were never quite celebrities, a series of scruffy, chaotic anthems promoted them to a level of fame rarely seen by underground feminist electropunks. How often, after all, do you hear of pretty girls with mustaches having their songs played in cosmetics commercials?!?

Le Tigre remain three of the most visible faces of a politically-motivated art movement that bends musical standards as readily as it does gender. Along with Peaches, The Gossip and others, they have created a musical environment that's more hospitable to edgier artists who aren't as easy to digest as, say, Christina Aguilera.

Well, here it comes, breaking news: It's just been announced that Le Tigre -- who have worked with everyone from Yoko Ono to drag queen Vaginal Davis -- are now in the studio with Christina Aguilera. Get the f--- outta town, right? Right. For her new album, Aguilera has been buzy assembling an A-list of electroclash collaborators, including Goldfrapp, Ladytron and Sia. Big news for a little scene!

Anyway, before their beats start popping up on Disney soundtracks, we thought we oughta share five things you must know about Le Tigre. Check it.


A recent MySpace bulletin laid wild rumors to rest, and confirmed that the band was not extinct, but "on Sabbatical." While they rest, dig into their permanently frenzied back catalog.

2. Le Tigre Are No Strangers To The Mainstream Spotlight.

Not only have Le Tigre's songs found their way into a smattering of offshore advertisements, they've also been featured on One Tree Hill, The OC and regularly in the official Boston Red Sox radio broadcast!

3. Le Tigre Don't Need Restraining Orders.

Although Le Tigre member JD Samson is a gracefully androgynous club DJ with close-cropped hair and enviable style, she is not in Lindsay Lohan's speed dial. Maybe Xtina will introduce them?

4. Le Tigre Are Multi-Talented.

When Johanna Fateman isn't beating on her Gibson, she frequently contributes writing to Art Forum magazine, as a professional art critic. She and JD are also part of a new Brooklyn DJ group called MEN.

5. Le Tigre Married Well.

Kathleen Hanna, who was originally responsible for pulling Le Tigre together, has been married to Beastie Boy Ad-Rock for three years! Like Ad-Rock, all three members of Le Tigre are enthusiastic activists.

Keep an eye out for their upcoming collab with Christina Aguilera. Can you even imagine?? Pretty cool! What do you think it'll sound like? Will Xtina do another fashion 180? Watch Le Tigre's "New Kicks" after the jump for a better idea of what to expect.