S+++ You So Need To Get: Beyonce's Stuart Weitzman 'Ego' Heels

What's a politically correct way of saying what we're thinking about Beyonce's new video, "Ego"? (Watch it below if you haven't seen it yet.)

It's um... not "Single Ladies"? Okay... "Ego" looks like the dress rehearsal of "Single Ladies." In drag. I'm sorry, but it's just that "Single Ladies" was SUCH perfection. And there's a reason Joe Jonas did the "Single Ladies" dance and not the "Ego" dance. And did we even need ANOTHER black-and-white Beyonce video after "Single Ladies," "If I Were A Boy," "Diva," "Flaws And All" AND "Still In Love"? AND "Suga Mama." And that's coming from a serious Beyonce fan, and I'm talking back to the "No, No, No," days. I even had the soundtrack to Carmen: A Hip Hopera.

Anyway, while the '80s horns-and-organ vibe delivers some throwback flavor, I'm not feeling the circa-2002-Christina-Aguilera curly wig or the satin prom gloves. And the boob grabbing is a little too gratuitous. And when Beyonce says "It's too big, it's too wide, it's too strong, it won't fit, it's too much," I'm not even positive that she's really referring to an ego. It all just makes me wanna watch "Single Ladies" yet again out of frustration and "Single Ladies" adoration.

But, I will say that "Ego," which Beyonce directed with her longtime choreographer, Frank Gatson Jr., (he was the creative director behind "Single Ladies" -- surprise surprise) did one thing ridiculously right and that's the shoes that Beyonce and her backup dancers wear -- they're Stuart Weitzman's "Peepers," and they're $575, which is a lot (but what price 3.75" crystal Deco heels, I ask you??), though keep an eye on them, as Stuart Weitzman shoes tend to go on sale pretty frequently. Also, maybe $575 is more than that wig cost. I'm sorry, I LOVE Beyonce, but maybe it's true. (Because it's true.)

+ Get Beyonce's Stuart Weitzman "Peepers" heels at Zappos... And do the "Single Ladies" dance in them. I said it.