Video Interview: Steel Panther Will Make Your Lady Bits Throb, Swell

Like their Los Angeles hometown, it's always 70 degrees in the minds of hair metal band Steel Panther. It's also always approximately 1986.

Steel Panther, formerly Metal Skool, have been working L.A.'s notorious Sunset Strip harder than a stripper in stilettos, and they've accumulated more famous friends than you've got Facebook friends: Kelly Clarkson, Benji Madden, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park's M. Shadows, David Cook, and scores of other celebrities have joined them on stage to cover '80s metal classics by Skid Row, Journey's epic "Don't Stop Believin'," and LOTS of Guns N' Roses. (Steel Panther's also responsible for the cover of Aldo Nova's "Fantasy" used as the theme song of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.)

Watch Stix Zadinia, Satchel, Michael Starr, and Lexxi Foxxx reveal five never-before-revealed things about Steal Panther -- including the unspeakable, peanut-butter-based things they'd like to your lady area -- in this groundbreaking episode of "The 5." (It's the first one we've ever had to age-restrict! RAWK!)

Like how that felt? Pick up Steel Panther's new album, Feel the Steel when it comes out in November.

+ Plus: Watch "Death to All But Metal" after the jump!