Did You Catch The Jonas Brothers On ESPN's 'SportsCenter'?

Now, I know about as much about sports as I do about, say, piloting a rocketship into space. But I do know that the Jonas Brothers' appearance on ESPN's SportsCenter last night was pretty great, (especially if you're the Jonas Brothers). Of course, I have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to judge their SportsCenter appearance against because, again, I'm pretty more familiar with, say, Mandarin Chinese than I am with sports and/or SportsCenter, but, again, yes, they were the special non-sports celebrity guests on SportsCenter last night (the show, which recently moved to LA, is trying to involve more celebrity talent) and counted down the top 10 plays with Neil Everett and Stan Verrett. (I know those guys' names because I looked them up.)

The Jonas Brothers engaged in sports-related dialogue and seemed quite knowledgeable about and capable of keeping up with sports jargon, and again, that's the complete opposite of myself. As I said, I've managed to live my entire life in a sports-free zone. BUT, I do know that "booyah" is commonly used as an exclamation when something exciting happens during or after a game, and whoever let out that "booyah" at the end there, that was great! Anyway, yay Jonas Brothers! You guys looked great, and your SportsCenter appearance would've been even more exciting had I real clue what you were talking about. But still... BOOYAH! YEAH! SPORTS!

+ Watch the Jonas Brothers on SportsCenter:

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