$5 Cover: What You Been Missin'

Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer's $5 Cover may be over, but all of Memphis' best sex, fights and rock n' roll are all still waiting for you on MTV.com. Best rap, too! Resident rhymer Al Kapone and his super-talented son Young AJ make sure of that with blues-driven bangers like "Gettin' Mine" and "We On Deck."

Also on display are the monstrous homegrown talents of Amy LaVere, Snowglobe, Two Way Radio, River City Tanlines, Muck Sticky, Valerie June and Jack Oblivian. LaVere plays husky gothic folk dirges firmly rooted in her bluesy backyard. Snowglobe is a deadly hooky cross between Built To Spill and Belle And Sebastian, while Two Way Radio plays it sweet and twee with upbeat pop ditties. Muck Sticky's a rap clown, Valerie June is the twangiest little sweetheart you ever heard and River City Tanlines and Jack Oblivian growl like the world is ending.

Course I'm leaving one key player out. That's Lucero. The band fronted by $5 Cover's romantic leading man, Ben Nichols, is about as wildly freewheeling and charismatic as anything I've ever heard. An old personal favorite of mine, Bruce Springsteen's gravelly working class folk blues meet Lynyrd Skynyrd's country-fried, AM radio rock-crunch in every Lucero song. Man does listening to that band make me feel good.

Speaking of feeling good, plenty of that happens on $5 Cover, too. Boasting some of the steamiest bedroom scenes on MTV today (watch yourself, Kristin Cavallari), $5 Cover matches every tearful heartbreak with a frenzied bump and grind. And that's just when the cast isn't busy beating the hell out of each other at Memphis' best roller derbies, juke joints and blues halls. Long and short of it is, $5 Cover packs more authentic Southern soul action into every episode than KFC's got in a whole world of biscuits.

I'm gonna post the undeniably seductive episode 10 below, to give you a taste of what you been missin'. Once you're hooked, head back to $5 Cover HQ where you can watch the whole series for free! Get to it.