Buzz Bites -- 6/5/09: Pete Wentz Turns 30!

+ It's Pete Wentz's birthday today! He just turned dirty 30! May he drink Bacardi... and Caprisun... like it's his birthday. (Twitter)

+ Electrik Red assure you that they're not corny, like the Spice Girls. That'd better be a promise. (Bossip)

+ Soulja Boy Tell' Em is JUST NOW getting around to "getting" Jay-Z. Better late than never, I guess. (MTV News)

+ Method Man and Redman have some choice words for Kanye West. (Buzzworthy)

+ Toronto Raptors' Chris Bosh will be releasing a CD compilation of his favorite songs and music by new artists. Ballin'! (Baller Status)

+ British Band the Horrors blame blogs and Facebook and everything else FUN for ruining EVERYTHING. You know what? SCREW 'EM. It's not like they're reading this anyway! (Independent)

+ Pour some out for polka -- the Recording Academy pulled polka from its list of Grammy categories. We hardly knew ye! (New York Times)

+ Poison, Dolly Parton, AND Elton John will all be performing at the Tony Awards this Sunday. And LAAAAAAYYYYDIES, keep your eyes a-peeled for Constantine Maroulis, who's up for Best Actor in a Musical. Best. Tonys. Ever? (Billboard)