Video Interview: Anarbor Play For Pizza

Anarbor's first show went down at a roller rink in sixth grade. They got twenty bucks for it, bought a pizza and brought it over to Mike's house for a pool party. They were 13. As they'll tell you in a few minutes, old buddies Mike, Slade, Adam and Greg have had Anarbor longer than they've had pubes. Can we say pubes? Hmm. Too late.

Criss-crossing the country as we speak, playing with Forgive Durden, then The Cab, and finally with the raggedy cast of the Vans Warped Tour, these Phoenix-raised hooligans have come a long way since Skateland. On the strength of tight, thumping singles like "Let The Games Begin" and "The Brightest Green," Anarbor have quickly propelled themselves upward through the pop-punk minor leagues.

In the exclusive MTV Buzzworthy interview below, discover what secret edge Anarbor has on all other bands -- not to mention all other people -- and learn what unexpected obsession gets them so wound up that they lisp. Here's a clue: They're bomb at hackysack.

+ Watch Anarbor on "The 5" and kick it with them this summer on the Warped Tour.