New Interview: Method Man & Redman's Free Fan Advice!

Method Man and Redman fans needed advice, so Meth and Red stopped by Fort Buzzworthy and dropped some knowledge and tips on you about the things you needed knowledge about.

Topics and tips covered include:

+ Male-female relationships. Specifically going beast mode on a dude, making your presence known "quietly, without talking," and showing some ass in a way that it's not being seen.

+ NOT using the term "ballin'," UNLESS it's SPECIFICALLY and absolutely in direct reference to Jim Jones.

+ Eating quiche.

+ Eating a d+++.

+ Eating clean.

+ Cat names.

+ Spitting in people's drinks.

+ Amazing new slang: "No fish sticks." (You got that, Kanye?)

Watch Method Man and Redman help some sad quiche-eating, cat-naming souls out in Buzzworthy's advice-column interview below. Besides Blackout! 2, this interview's the best Meth-and-Red pairing since How High. (No disrespect to Meth's work as Cheese Wagstaff, R.I.P!)

+ Bonus: Method Man and Redman discuss going vegetarian!