Sneak Peek: Cobra Starship 'Good Girls Go Bad' Video, Featuring Leighton Meester

FACTS (that you probably already know):

+ Cobra Starship, Kevin Rudolf and American Idol's Kara DioGuard wrote "Good Girls Go Bad" together, and then Leighton Meester (BLAIR!) jumped in on the vocals!

+ Gabe Saporta's a HUGE Gossip Girl fan.

+ AND Leighton Meester's on Gossip Girl!

+ Together, Gabe and Leelee (she told me to call her that) would have very beautiful children... But they don't have time for that right now, because their "Good Girls Go Bad" video, in which Leighton plays a hot but meanie New York City club owner -- meanwhile, Cobra owns the deli upstairs; don't you love it? -- is almost ready.

+ The "Good Girls Go Bad" video isn't out yet (it's a fact!), but Buzzworthy's got an exclusive "Good Girls Go Bad" sneaky peeky video preview, including behind-the-scenes stuuuufff, interviews, hanging meat, dice, and more. Watch it below. IT'S A TRUE FACT!

+ Plus: Check out photos of Leighton Meester at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. And, watch an exclusive Buzzworthy COBRA CAM video!