Video Interview: Kate Voegele's Frat House On Wheels

If you already know Kate Voegele, it may be as One Tree Hill's resident crooner, Mia. The attitude-spewing pop-rock chick just completed her second season playing her own songs on the show and is excited to announce that there's another season coming up!

But that's not Kate Voegele's most exciting news by a long shot. She's far more fired up about the release of her second album, A Fine Mess -- particularly about fiery lead single, "99 Times." As she puts it in the latest episode of "The 5," "It's my favorite song on the record. I look forward to singing it most on stage every night."

Watch the rest of our exclusive Kate Voegele interview to get the inside track on her life on the road, including her nine male roommates, the "frat house on wheels" (did that inspire the title, A Fine Mess???) and her not-so-secret Bloomingdale's fetish.

+ Plus: Kate Voegele relives her prom night!