Buzz Bites -- 6/4/09: People Are STILL Talking About Britney At The 2007 VMAs?

+ Um, apparently YES. People really STILL ARE talking about that little-noticed time Britney shaved her head back in February 2007 and the events that led up to her not-exactly-on-point performance at the 2007 VMAs. A new book called Britney: Inside The Dream (out June 11, 2009), by Steve Dennis, claims to have the REAL-DEAL HOLYFIELD on what REALLY happened to Brits. Read an excerpt at The Mirror. If you didn't already read it in the February 2008 issue of Rolling Stone. (The Mirror)

+ For the LAST time. YES, Eminem was IN on Brüno's butt... I mean the butt of the joke. I mean he was in on the joke at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Eminem said he went back to his hotel and watched the rest of the show from there. And laughed. (MTV News)

+ The family that Twitters together... tours together! Yesterday, on his Twitter, Trace Cyrus announced that Metro Station's going to be opening up for Miley on her upcoming tour. Cuteness! (Trace Cyrus' Twitter)

+ Eff what you know. The REAL verse of Kanye West's new "Paranoid" video, featuring Rihanna, is ready. (Just Jared)

+ Brokencyde, you're still terrible. DON'T bring chocolate milk into this! (Idolator)

+ Beyonce has less money than Madonna but more than Steven Spielberg. Specifically, she's worth $87 million. Meanwhile, I don't even have, like $87. (Forbes)

+ Whitney Houston will release her first album in seven years this September. The album doesn't have a title yet, but we've got a few ideas, starting with "It's Not Right But It's Okay." (Whitney Houston)

+ Speaking of Whitney Houston, freaking BOBBY BROWN had another baby. A real, actual human child baby! Can you EVEN? (E!)